Improve Your Online Home Based Business Ranking With These Two Tips

One of the most important things you can do for your online home based business website is fill it with good content, although this is just the start of a successful marketing campaign. If your aim is to make sales and generate a large amount of targeted traffic to your site you will need your website to be ranked quite high in the search engines.

Towards this end you will need to concentrate on improving your website rankings so that your site gets listed in the top three or four searches particularly in search engines such as Google and Yahoo as these are among the most popular on the internet.

Some of the SEO work that you will have to do to get higher rankings will need to be done on your website itself. What this involves is posting unique and relevant content onto your website which includes the kind of long tail keyword phrases that people are searching for.

When writing an article always use these keywords in your headline, first and last paragraph and a sprinkling throughout the rest of the article as this helps the search engine spiders to navigate and crawl your webpage which will improve your chances of a better search engine ranking. Keep in mind that each page of your website should support the other pages by using hyperlinked keywords. As an example, as well as the navigation menu you should also find hyperlinked keywords to the different sections of the website at the bottom of the page.

The second part of improving your online home based business website ranking will have to be done on the internet itself, and this can be done by getting one way backlinks to your site from other online business websites. It is possible to make use of link exchanges but the best links to have are one-way backlinks as these are what the search engines give most credit to and the reason is that when a webmaster adds a one-way backlink to his page he is giving out a message that this website offers valuable content to the visitors of his own website.

Target the correct type of websites to get the kind of backlinks that you want for your site. In other words if you want to dominate the rankings for your particular niche market then the keywords and content need to match that niche to attract the webmasters you want. There are many websites that you can target to build backlinks to your website, just make sure that they are related to your niche. As part of your backlink campaign a good idea is to target forums, blogs and web directories as well as article directories. Another good place to increase the backlinks to your website are social networks.

By using these two methods of building backlinks and website SEO together with valuable and useful content, you are making use of the two best tools available for improving the ranking of your online home based business website, which in turn will improve your sales and your ability to build a really successful online business.